Beauty Salon Nicol (SARANDE)

SKENDERBEU 84, SARANDE 9703, Albania
+355 +355 69 573 1945

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Nicol and her team are passionate about making their guests happy in every way possible. From creating the amazing hair that gives you the confidence you need to lead a better life, to that simple smile and relaxing atmosphere you can escape to while getting your hair done, Beauty Salon Nicol is the place to be.

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Adress: SKENDERBEU 84, SARANDE 9703, Albania


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Rruga "40 Shenjtoret" nr 29, Sarande Albanie
+355 +355 69 244 6042

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Discover a country still virgin, whose history goes back to 3000 years. take advantage of the services of a French speaking native guide who will organize your stay from the reception at the border … Guided tours, including neighboring countries such as Greece, Montenegro and Macerdoine.
These are stays, cultural visits and guided tours with a guide speaking French, English, German, Italian or Greek.


Address: Rruga “40 Shenjtoret” nr 29, Sarande Albania


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